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45 MIN | $40

NormaTec uses a dynamic compression system to massage your limbs (the company sells hip and arms packages, as well). The boots inflate and squeeze through a series of zones from your feet to your hips to enhance blood flow.

Benefits of Compression Boots?

There have been multiple research studies investigating the benefits of compression therapy and in particular compression boots on health, wellbeing and performance.


Research has lead to finding NormaTec may help to:

  • Improve circulation

  • improve cellulite

  • Enhance lymphatic drainage

  • Remove waste products including lactic acid

  • Improve range of movement and flexibility

  • Decrease recovery time

  • improve veins

  • Allow you to train harder quicker

  • Relax and unwind

  • Increase flexibility and joint range of motion

  • Enhance the benefits of your float 

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