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Giving your body a well deserved break from gravity

Floating during pregnancy offers a safe and wonderful way to relax. As you immerse yourself in the weightless environment the strain on your body is relieved.

Floating promotes improved sleep and an overall sense of well being. It also helps with the aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy.

Floating during pregnancy is safe during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters*.

Some of the benefits you will experience from floating during pregnancy include:

Reduce Swelling: Floating takes the pressure off your joints, which is in-it-self already a wonderful sensation. The weightless environment is pure bliss on the aching body.

Lower Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is closely related to stress levels, so it makes sense to think that the deep relaxation state you can achieve in the float tank could help lower it. But in addition to the relaxation, when your body is relieved from the burden of gravity your blood vessels can fully dilate, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow.

Reduce Stress: Our worlds are rushed and we tend to place self care last on the list; and if you are already a mum finding even a few minutes of peace and quiet can be difficult. The float tank, is a cozy, quiet environment. You can forget about the pains and aches of living in your body. Since there is no sensations to process and nothing else to do except relax, your body needs to spend very little energy and everything slows down. There is no sense of time and meditation happens effortlessly.

Promotes Mum-Baby bonding: We have read, and on reflection agree, that there is something very womb-like about the float tank. When you turn the lights off and allow your mind and body to drift into deep relaxation, we have been told you can often hear not only your own heartbeat but also your baby’s heartbeat. While listening to those sounds it’s easy to imagine the experience of the baby inside the uterus, which allows for a very special connection.

What should I wear?

You are required to thoroughly shower before entering the pod / pool and then again after your float to remove the salt solution.

Most people don't wear anything when they float – just think of the tank as a big bathtub – though you can wear a swimsuit if you prefer. 

We recommend loose fitting, comfortable clothing and slip on shoes be worn to and from your appointment.

* Floating from 37 weeks is not possible due to the chance of your waters breaking, we are not qualified for water births…!

*Please consult your physician before beginning any new treatment.


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